Give plastic a second life – Retourn to Plastik

In response to construction wastes’ management and the surge in plastic pollution, Kolos has renewed its focus in terms of ecological initiatives and is launching Retourn to Plastik - a national recycling campaign with the main aim of collecting, recycling and giving a second life to the plastic films used in our daily operations.

The company’s recycling efforts began long before the launch of this recycling campaign. We realise we can do more to operate sustainably and by doing so, we are at the same time paving our way into the circular economy.

Our goal is to unify collaborative actions of all our stakeholders – employees, clients, recycling partners, construction industry peers and other key stakeholders to drive change.

Kolos pledges to collect plastic films, recycle and repurpose them into polypipes conduits (Isorange) in collaboration with a local recycling partner.

Every little action count to tackle the plastic wastes problematic and each participant will be rewarded. Let’s get started and join the initiative Retourn to Plastik to build a sustainable construction industry!

Retourn to Plastik - Quick read

Retourn To Plastik